Monday, October 10, 2011

Chevrolet Malibu | Chevrolet Malibu 2012

Chevrolet Malibu
The new 2013 Chevrolet Malibu fabricated its apple admission at the Auto Shanghai 2011, with the accompanying presentation in the United States and China - two of the about 100 countries on six continents area it will sell. First Chevrolet mid-size auto will action barter common from Shanghai to New York and Sydney to Sao Paulo with an alive design, avant-garde technologies, advancing achievement and propulsion systems of low consumption.

"The accepted Malibu champ has larboard an consequence and afflicted the way we anticipate about Chevrolet. It redefined what a midsize car in America could be," said Rick Scheidt, carnality admiral of business for Chevrolet. "The new Chevrolet Malibu meets the affluence of Malibu, but today offers barter more: added actualization capabilities, ammunition efficiency, agreeable and features, craftsmanship, and the dynamics of battling sedans aerial range. "

Chevrolet Malibu 2012
Exterior alive and efficient

"The exoteric architecture of all new Chevrolet Malibu carries the DNA of his sister vehicle, the Camaro and Corvette, to accompany a sports awareness in the ancestors auto segment," said Bryan Nesbitt, GM controlling administrator of exoteric architecture and a best of Chevrolet brand.

A added stance, ample amateur and an chip rear addle-brain accompany a new concrete anatomy of Malibu and accord you a added advancing appearance. The new Chevrolet Malibu has a 4.5 inch (114 mm) beneath wheelbase and 62 inches (1574 mm) advanced and rear advance are added than 2 inches (51 mm) added than the archetypal it replaces.

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