Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Optimizing Gas Usage in Car

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Gasoline consumption of your car could break the bank if you not careful. As the gasoline price rises overtime, you need to know how much gas needed by your car so you can predict the money you must spend every month. Then, you need to learn to save gas usage in order to cut your monthly expenses.

The fact is that car needs gasoline to run. Even one key turn to start the car will consume gasoline. In general, gas usage for one key turn is about half ounce of gasoline or one third of a glass. For overall gas usage, different car will need different gasoline amount. Every manufacturer would tell you gas mileage of car and from many car reviews, you could find information about car gas mileage based on independent test. Nevertheless, used car is different from new car. To know the current gas mileage, you can calculate gas mileage on your own.

If you find your car gas mileage is too small, you may need to consider new car that is more efficient. Hybrid car is new technology that could save gas as well as help the earth. If new car is impossible, you can save gas by drive slower, drive smoother, clean your air filter, align your tires, tune up the cars, and only push brake pedal when needed.
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