Tuesday, February 8, 2011

BMW E46 Modifications

BMW E46 Modifications
In addition, you can These are geared towards stock vehicles as well as modified E46 3 series to ensure that the software is custom produced for your specific application. The Active Autowerke ECU tuning upgrade will maximize power gains from other modifications by tweaking the air:fuel ratios and other parameters for a truly custom BMW ECU tune. In addition, you can choose from the aFe Pro 5R or aFe Pro Dy S filter elements for better flow and performance over the factory BMW paper air filter.

The aFe cold air intake system provides better flow and performance over the stock airbox which is designed to reduce noise and emissions. aFe Power produces high performance cold air intake systems for the E46 including the E46 330i, E46 325i and E46 M3. E46 Performance Modifications The BMW E46 3-Series has a well tuned inline 6 engine from the factory that can greatly benefit from improvements in the intake system, software tuning for BMW, exhaust system and even superchargers. Despite the great engineering feats gone to produce a well performing BMW 3 Series from the factory, there are many E46 Modifications available to improve acceleration, handling, aerodynamics and more.

The E46 continued to grow in 2001 in the US market with the E46 325i, E46 325Ci, E46 330i and E46 330Ci. The E46 model range was expanded in 2000 with the E46 328Ci and E46 323Ci coupes and convertibles. The BMW E46 3-Series was first introduced in Europe in 1998 and in the US in 1999 with the E46 323i and E46 328i.
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