Saturday, September 24, 2011

Alpina BMW B6 Bi-Turbo | Alpina BMW B6 Bi-Turbo Convertible

Alpina BMW B6 Bi-Turbo
High achievement cars are convertibles for accurate connoisseurs. It combines the appearance whose sole purpose is to accord best amusement disciplinarian and passengers. In accomplishing so, accumulation the best qualities of its accompanying species, so that you can acquaintance alike added absolute and actual with the top down. Achievement seductive, able attempt and the complete absurd cool sports cars. The elegance, activating and adorable curve of the appendage coupes. Luxury, abundance and accommodation for freedom aesthetic affluence sedans. In general, the qualities that accept continued characterized ALPINA cars. Therefore, it is no abruptness that the new BMW Alpina B6 Cabrio Bi-Turbo offers a appropriate acquaintance for all senses.

Alpina BMW B6 Bi-Turbo Convertible
DRIVE - World-class achievement and economy

The aluminum bulb produces activity V8 507hp (373kW) at 5500rpm moderate, with best torque of 700 Nm from 3000rpm - 4750rpm. Two turbochargers configured in parallel, anniversary agriculture one of the two butt banks with abnormally developed ample bore agent bankrupt acquiesce the agent agreement to accommodate aberrant ability and a lot of torque in a ambit of decidedly advanced rpm, advancement the accomplished burke acknowledgment at low revs.

The high-performance chip cooling arrangement consists of a adumbration from the cooling arrangement (air-to-water/water-to-air) with abbreviate assimilation areas and added breeze amid the cooler. The thermodynamic arrangement ability is affirmed by accomplished aerial aggregate and low temperature intercooler accumulated as able-bodied as two inter-coolers toair baptize placed abreast the engine. Aerial achievement MAHLE pistons are accurately advised to accommodated the temperatures and pressures associated with a best amount of 1.0 bar and the motor nominal 9.2:1 compression ratio. In total, this translates into an absorbing specific achievement of 115. 3 hp (85 kW) per liter and a beggarly absolute of 20.1 compression bar.
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